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Is using AI for my personal statement ‘cheating’?

It’s important to note that generating a substantial portion or the entirety of your personal statement using an AI tool like ChatGPT and subsequently presenting it as your own work may be viewed as academic misconduct by educational institutions. Such an approach could have adverse effects on your likelihood of receiving an admission offer.

We are receiving numerous inquiries from prospective university and college applicants regarding whether tools like ChatGPT to aid in writing your personal statement or essays is considered ‘cheating.’

As part of your application process, you are required to confirm that your personal statement has not been copied or provided from external sources, including artificial intelligence software.

Personal is personal

Remember, the essence of a personal statement lies in its personal nature. It should present your aspirations, skills, and experiences that suggest you as a suitable candidate for the course to which you are applying, all in your own words. Many students we’ve spoken to have expressed that the process of composing their personal statement solidifies their choice of course.

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