TOK Reading List

TOK Reading List

Any “thing” can be focus of discussion in TOK classroom. The following materials aim to create a database for students in order to provide some good background knowledge for classroom discussion, homeworks, TOK essay and also for new teachers. No matter what your mood, preference or occasion is, the list aims to cover all the diversity of titles and topics.

Right and Wrong ↗

Chapter 2 – Right and Wrong / Philosophy by Nigel Warburton

Appearance and reality ↗

Chapter 5 – Appearance and reality / Philosophy by Nigel Warburton

Science ↗

Chapter 6 – Science / Philosophy by Nigel Warburton

Mind ↗

Chapter 7 – Mind / Philosophy by Nigel Warburton

Art ↗

Chapter 8 – Art / Philosophy by Nigel Warburton

Introduction to Psychology ↗

Instructor: John Gabrieli

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Fact Check ↗

The internet’s definitive fact-checking resource

Media Bias ↗

An independent website that has promoted awareness of media bias

Free Cultural and Educational Media ↗

Free courses and audio books you need, the language lessons & educational videos

Big Think ↗

Challenges common sense assumptions and gives people permission to think in new ways

New Scientist ↗

World’s most popular weekly science and technology publication

Quackwatch ↗

The site focuses on health frauds, myths, fads, fallacies, and misconduct.

Methodology of the Human Sciences↗

Gearge H. Smith presents an overview of the philosophy of the human sciences.

Misinterpretations of the scientific process

Many students have misconceptions about what science is and how it works. This section explains and corrects some of the most common misconceptions that students are likely have trouble with.

Quackwatch ↗

The site focuses on health frauds, myths, fads, fallacies, and misconduct.

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